Friends of the Registry

Introducing Berney Graham

Our newest "Friend of the Registry."


My name is Berney Graham and as a young girl I bought and trained a five month old Lippitt Morgan whom I named Meredith Robin.  I would like to share some of my pictures, with an account of his life, personality and the joy that he brought to many.

Robbie (as I called him) was born in Meredith NH on May 9th 1964.  His owner was Margaret Rice, who owned many Lippitt Morgans at that time and had a pasture full of mares and foals that spring that my father and I visited her farm.  You will find a photo of Robbie as a 3 month old colt enclosed, and I have also photographed the back of that photo because Mrs. Rice wrote on the back of that picture, as did I.  I bought Robbie after seeing him with his mother and he was delivered to me on Oct. 22nd, 1964 as a five month old colt. Robbie was a "backyard"horse. We rented the barn where we lived, enclosed a large pasture for Robbie and my father built stalls inside the barn, a hay platform and a grain room. Robbie was alone and I raised him myself.  Because he could not be ridden until he was two years old, I worked with Robbie on the longe line, teaching him to walk, trot and canter to voice commands as well as working him over ground poles and fences to increase his agility, rhythm and cadence.  I also trained him in harness, teaching him to drive. Because it was just he and I and sometimes my father, he and I formed a very strong bond. He wanted to please and did everything I asked. I have enclosed photos of him on the lunge line in harness and also jumping while under saddle and bridle.  He was a wonderfully friendly, curious horse and loved being with people and he always wanted to please.  I’ve enclosed pictures of Robbie at the age of about 5 which we used as a Christmas card.  We also had his portrait done by Mr. Patriquin, the same gentleman who took his picture as a foal.  I’ve enclosed two copies of the portrait that still hangs in my home today with his halter plate on the bottom of the frame.

Since I was a young girl, once I had completed high school I went off to college and Robbie came with me. There I was able to ride him regularly and show him as well.  Because he had magnificent conformation, he won many an in hand class against thoroughbreds and warmbloods.  Few had seen a Morgan of his breeding.  Although he was only 14.2 hands he moved like a much larger horse.  In other classes Robbie would pass horses much larger than he was at the extended trot.  His extended trot lived up to the breed and he literally flew in this gait.

 As I entered graduate school, my father took over Robbie’s care for a few years and when I returned home he again came with me as I started my work career.  I have enclosed a picture of him at the age of 15.  It was about this time in 1979 that I had to find another home for Robbie, because I could no longer keep up with the expense of his care.  I found a wonderful family that was in Pony Club and they bought Robbie for their little girl.  He was with them for several years before going to a young woman who kept him at her home in her backyard and loved him as I did.  I have enclosed pictures of Robbie at the age of about 25, being ridden and even a part of her wedding party!  I believe Robbie died in 1992 at the age of 28.  Unfortunately I did not know his whereabouts at this time, but I believe he was in good hands.  He was a magnificent little horse and I was very privileged to have such a horse as were those who cared for him after me.  As I think about him now, I realize what a treasure he was.  He seemed to anticipate what would be asked of him and always was ready to meet any challenge.  He was a great little horse.  I’ve never ridden another horse like him in my many years of riding.  I hope his story will be of interest to your readers.  He was truly a gem. 


Robbie at 3 months of age.

This is the back of the foal picture with notes by Mrs. Rice and notes I made.

Robbie being lunged in harness as a yearling.

Robbie being lunged over a fence while under saddle as a coming 2 year old.

Picture of Robbie at 5 years old.

Robbie at the age of 15 years.

Robbie being ridden at the age of 25 years.

Head portrait of Robbie by Mr. Patriquin.

Robbie in the wedding party! He was about 25 years old then.




Jane Myers, Secretary, The Lippitt Morgan Horse Registry, Inc.