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The following is a listing of Lippitts for sale according to gender as well as Lippitt Stallions at stud.

Lippitt Stallions


Lippitt Geldings

Lippitt Mares

Lippitt Stallions at Stud

Thornapple Farms Proudly Offers the Following Stallions at Stud:

KWR Sir Myst Legacy ("Ace"); (Ryegate Surprise x Hillside Alert Misty). Ace has consistently displayed the soul of a champion within the quintessential gentleman. He is a vessel of Old Vermont blood and Morgan type. His illustrious pedigree includes the famous Moro Hill's Adonis and the great sport mare, Lippitt Ethan Georgia, who he brings to us in just 3 generations. This royal mare line brings forward in Ace the blood of Woodbury and Sherman. Ace is truly an extraordinary stallion who provides breeders a rare opportunity to infuse the blood of a legendary mare line in their programs. Ace is 23.4071% JM1 Blood (per Telford). When Ace was 2, his foundation trainer, Katrina Benington-Crie, predicted, "Ace has incredible potential. He is absolutely an outstanding Sport Horse." She was prophetic. Ace demonstrated that potential in capturing the Championship in the hotly contested, prestigious 2004 Maine Morgan Sport Horse Breeders Cup (and other blue ribbons in the Show Ring in hand that year). In the years since then he has commanded attention, and blue ribbons, in Open Dressage. With every year, he just gets better. With all this to extol him, plus his good looks, the very best about Ace is his disposition. He is smart, kind, and easy. His offspring have intelligence, strong bone, pretty head, short back, big motor. We discovered Ace when he was 4 months old; he has proved to be everything he promised- and more.

Linda Ashar
Vermilion, OH

Hi-Fi Eben Moro (aka "Ben"); (Wood Run Tarragon x Merryheart Stanton's Lily); foaled 04-22-1995. Ben is an outstanding example of inspired combination of the best Lippitt bloodlines. He brings nonstop energy, intelligence, and stamina bundled with a kind, engaging disposition. He is the sire of our champion carriage mare, who qualified in hand for Grand National when still a yearling. Everything that sings "MORGAN" lives and breathes in this fine stallion. You can see Ben's pedigree on our Facebook page *Thornapple Farms LLC*.

Linda Ashar
Vermilion, OH


Devine Cool Hand Luke
; (Sandrock Joel x M Classic Tabby Sue); foaled 05-28-2009; brown stallion, homozygous for black. 2021 Morgan World Champion and Reserve National Champion in reining. Luke is the total package. Type, conformation, disposition and athletic ability. Available via frozen semen. $750 stud fee. See more of Luke on our website at:
Contact Chris Holm: 406-362-4632 or



"The Red" aka River Riders Riddler
(Winloc Major Gifford x River Riders Rhapsody); foaled 05-22-2006; The Red is extremely intelligent and kind, yet possesses that sought after nerve force that is described by historical documents as being a "particularity" of the Morgan breed. He has a correct neck that sits on top of rather than in front of the shoulder thereby making him seem taller than his 14.1 H height. His back is short as are his legs (short limbed) with flat legs, short from knee to pastern, close jointed, possessing immense power for his size. His quarters are broad and the body compact, heavy and round. Weight: 1015 lbs.
Deborah Siegrist:
636-332-9346, leave message; located in Wentzville, MO

Maple Grove Merlyn

My Lark Lippitt Farm presents Maple Grove Merlyn at stud.

Merlyn stands at 14.2 3/4 hands, is a rich chocolate chestnut Lippitt stallion. Foaled in 2011.
Left white sock and star, thick mane and tail, long croup and wide chest, beautiful head. 9 inch cannon.
He has a history of AI fertility, and has sired 7 foals and has 2 on the way in July. With 3 mares he has produced 2 stud colts, both chestnut and for sale, and 5 fillies 2 red and 2 dark chestnut and 1 red bay. Dispositions of all foals are superbly intelligent and gentle, easy to train.
Merlyn's Gaits: dressage trot, fast walk, easy canter and gallop. Will stand on rock, cross ditches, able to ride on roads, and unflappable and difficult to spook. He passes these traits on.
If interested in his get, or breeding by AI, please contact Wanda Iza


You can text/then call: 847-224-6963.
Located in Michigan.