TLMHR, Inc. Publicity Page

The Lippitt Morgan Horse Registry, Inc. ia a non-profit organization dedicated to the Lippitt Morgan Horse. We register, DNA, and track all Lippitts. The Lippitt Morgan Horse is recognized as a "rare living antique" coming from a small gene pool. Today it has been estimated that there are fewer than 2000 living Lippitts of which there are even fewer breedable mares. This rare Morgan family is truly endangered and teeters on the brink of extinction. The Lippitt Morgan Horse Registry, Inc. will maintain an aggressive presence in the eye of the public via exhibitions, the use of the internet, and providing assistance in rescues as well as providing educational materials upon request.
TLMHR, Inc. at Garfiled Farm's Rare Breeds Show 2019

The Lippitt Morgan Horse Registry was pleased to once again participate in the annual Garfield Farm Museum Rare Breeds Event and Show, on Sunday, May 19, 2019.  This was their 33rd ANNUAL EVENT, and it is held at the historic farm in LaFox, Illinois.  Garfield Farm Museum is a historically intact 1800’s farm, over 360 acres, with restored barns, house, tavern, and outbuildings.  They have gardens and an oxen team, as well as Heritage bred foul and hogs.  Garfield Farm Museum hosts many events throughout the year, including school field trips and other events.  The Lippitt Morgan Horse Registry is proud to be invited to exhibit at their event.
We had many visitors through the 1840 barn, in which we were stabled with our representative Lippitt stallion, The Red, owned by Deborah Siegrist.  Friends of the Registry assisted us with our displays and sales items, We gave presentations throughout the day and visited with many people about the Lippitt Morgan.  Some of our Friends of the Registry  took home with them presentation material and pictures to be used in their own locality to promote and preserve and protect the endangered Lippitt Morgan Horse. 

For more information on The Lippitt Morgan Horse Registry or where to find a Lippitt Morgan, Contact:  Jane Myers, Secretary, at 573-819-3875