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The Lippitt Morgan Horse Registry, Inc. ia a non-profit organization dedicated to the Lippitt Morgan Horse. We register, DNA, and track all Lippitts. The Lippitt Morgan Horse is recognized as a "rare living antique" coming from a small gene pool. Today it has been estimated that there are fewer than 2000 living Lippitts of which there are even fewer breedable mares. This rare Morgan family is truly endangered and teeters on the brink of extinction. The Lippitt Morgan Horse Registry, Inc. will maintain an aggressive presence in the eye of the public via exhibitions, the use of the internet, and providing assistance in rescues as well as providing educational materials upon request.

The Lippitt Morgan Horse Registry Attends Equifest of St. Louis, November 20-22, 2015.

Equifest of St. Louis held its 2nd Annual Fall equine event at The National Equestrian Center, Lake St. Louis, MO on November 20-22, 2015. This event supports all breeds in the horse community as well as providing demonstrations and lectures by experienced equine professionals and entertainers.
The Lippitt Morgan Horse Registry, Inc. attends this event every year with a premier educational booth location along with multiple Lippitt Morgan horse demonstartions in various disciplines. This year was no different except the booth expanded its educational exhibit and gave 3 live performances with the Lippitt Morgan horse stallion, Mint Jacob performing la garrocha as well as working "in the lines." Horse enthusiasts dropped by to express their appreciation for Mint Jacob's performance and stated that they recognized the in depth training involved in his performances.
Many visitors to the booth deliberately sought out TLMHR and expressed their dismay at the changes that have taken place in the Morgan breed. People were glad to see TLMHR at Equifest working to educate, promote and preserve this rare, endangered historical horse.
For more information on The Lippitt Morgan Horse Registry or where to find a Lippitt Morgan, Contact:  Jane Myers, Secretary, at 573-819-3875
Equifest St. Louis 2015 TLMHR, Inc. Script

Videos of TLMHR, Inc. Lippitt Morgan Demonstration

Demonstration 2, part 2