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The Lippitt Morgan Horse Registry, Inc. is a non-profit organization dedicated to the Lippitt Morgan horse. We register, DNA, and track all Lippitts. TLMHR, Inc. will offer free DNA testing for all AMHA registered Lippitt Morgans.

TLMHR, Inc. Board feels that our Lippitts are "entitled" to their legacy. We are now on a journey to complete a long awaited goal of seeing a viable, working registry within our lifetimes.
The Original Morgan Horse (those appearing in the likeness of JM1 as well as Hale's Green Mounatin Morgan 42) are still alive today, without changes in type, movement, disposition/personality and versatility. We ARE the closest thing to Justin Morgan 1, even after 222 years. This horse is still versatile and viable TODAY. The original type of Morgan is getting difficult to find and we (the Lippitt Family) need to protect and preserve this rare strain. Due to the hard work of Lippitt enthusiasts we have kept track of our horses and have the extraordinary audacity to establish a legitimate registry and register our Lippitts at reasonable prices.

TLMHR Board has donated generously of both their time and monies in order to start this registry. Those that wish to help with our effort are encouraged to become part of the "Friends of the Registry" as we are a non-member organization.

Registration: If your Lippitt Morgan's sire and dam are in our DNA data base you will be able to register your Lippitt for a nominal fee. You will be issued a number and a certificate of registration.
Registration cost including DNA test:

Misc. Registry Fees

Transfer Cost: $20
Prefix Cost: Introductory: $25
Registration Cost: $45
Lease Agreement: $20