Lippitt Morgan Articles

All Lippitt Morgans must trace back to these 25 Foundation Stock:


Croydon Prince #5325
Rob Roy #4483
Donald #5224
Bob B. #5282
Welcome #5702
Sir Ethan Allen #6537
Sealect #7266
Bilirubin #7462




Bonnie Jean #0343 Trilby #02532
Polly Rogers #02109 Susie #03786
Lucille #01547 Lippitt Trixie #X04695
Rose of Sutton #02232 Croydon Mary #02900
Bridget #02852 Jenny Woodbury #03258
Emily #03036 Lippitt Sallie #04565
Evelyn #0684 Lucinne #04542
Hippolyta #03222 Hannah #03196
Nancy #03553  


The Foundation Stock adheres to the following specifications:
They must be registered Morgans.
They must have as close a cross to the "cornerstone" Peters' Ethan Allen 2d 406, as possible.
They must have produced at least one direct line of descent evidenced in our present "Lippitt" population.
All articles on this site are for reading and educational purposes only. Articles may not be reproduced due to copyright infringement.

Educational Articles on the Lippitt

Standard to Preserve the Original Type by Bruce Orser

The Look of Lippitts by Deborah Siegrist

What Is A Lippitt Morgan by Jim Alexander

The Maternal Grandsire Effect by Al Lyon

Lippitt Lines-Splitting Hairs by Jim Alexander

Lippitt Morgans, America's Baroque Horse by Deborah Siegrist

Modern Show Morgan Versus True Morgan Type

Lippitts, Their Conformation, and Breeding
Justin Morgan 1 and Woodbury Morgan 7
Roundness and Squareness
Long and Low Stallions 1
Long and Low Stallions 2
Long and Low Stallions 3
Long and Low Mares 1
Long and Low Mares 2
Long and Low Mares 3

Black Hawk's Unfavorable Influence on the Lippitt Morgan
Black Hawk 20 and Justin Morgan 1

Videos of what the Lippitt Morgan is doing today: